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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sewing, vacations and ambulance rides

Have you missed me?  It's been a couple days or weeks since my last post.  And if you don't know me in real life, no worries.  I am still alive!  I've just been slightly busy with the ambulance rides and the sewing and what not.  I was working up a storm making some creations to take with us on our vacation to the sunny south.  Oh and Cole decided to take swim in my steaming hot fresh off the stove bowl of Tomato Soup...  So we got our first trip in an ambulance.  2nd degree burns on his arm.  It was no fun... and also BAD MOMMY!  Maybe I'll write more about it someday, but today I just won't...  

SO, last night we got back from the beach vacation!!!  Woo hoo!  I am tired.  Vacationing with kids is hard work.  We all missed our beds. 

Anyhow, now it is that time of year when I get super busy with the weeding and the seeding and the digging and the watering and the gardening and such.  I love spring.  I wish I had as much energy to put into my house as I put outside my house with the growing of flowers and food. 

Tomorrow I am bringing Cole for a follow up with the Burn Specialist.  (He's healing fabulously, this is just a followup for safety.)  Then we are going to a great place called Miller Nurseries to get a couple fruit trees for the yard.  Woo hooo and Yay for Spring!  It's Spring!!  It's Spring!  Spring is finally here!!

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