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Friday, August 31, 2012

Growing goats

My goats are growing and getting sleeker and healthier.  But my worry over them does not seem to be any less.  I keep worrying that one of them are going to die on me!  I am such a newby and EVERYTHING is a learning experience at this point. 

This week goat sprains were an item of learning.  Minnie sprained her knee.  It grew to the size of a tennis ball.  I immediately was SURE that they were both CAE positive and were going to die within the week.  I am only slightly dramatic in real life.  But as a goat owner I am a bit of a freak drama queen worry wart.  So after a bit of settling down by Jocelyn and Charleen, my goat friends, I got put on my big girl pants barn boots and got to work.  Apparently goats can take aspirin when they have a sprain.  So I bought baby asprin.  Which Minnie devoured.  She loved the stuff.  I also learned that willow is nature's aspirin.  Thankfully we have 2 willows.  A weeping pussy willow (which was already quite pruned from Minnie) and a regular pussy willow.   Minnie got a couple of knee hose downs with cold cold well water and in 3 days she is nearly good as new.  Still a bit swollen, but she's not bothered by it.  Thank God!  And now I am educated on goat sprains.

Now.  Enjoy some pretty goats' pictures...
Tilly, who would NOT stay still.  Would not keep her legs back.

"Nice width and height, especially at the escutcheon."
An afternoon stroll with my goats through the back field.

Minnie the Milker.  She's a great milker for being such a little thing.  A wonderful guinea pig goat.

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