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Monday, February 8, 2010

Knit One, Purl Two, Post Three

Have I told you that I recently picked up knitting?
NO! You say? Oh right, well this is only my 3rd post.
Well, I recently picked up knitting. I have been meaning to learn ever since I got a subscription to the Holy Grail of Natural Crafters Living Crafts Magazine.  In which they have some of the most amazing and inspiring handiworks. Plus ma gal pal, Pamela is an exceptional knitter who was putting me to shame with her crafty shmafty self. So right now I am working on no less than 4 knittng projects (and no more than 6...) I keep starting new projects because I am just ADD like that. And since I won't take the ritalins to keep my gray matter on task. I will just hop around to my different projects as the winds blow me... Hehehe, I just typed blow me
See what I'm talkin' bout...
So anywho. If you are wanting to try your hands at knitting and you also have small folks living in your abode you should most definately buy (or borrow from your local library if you want to be green and thrifty) Knitting for Baby. It has lots of super cute knit patterns for baby and it guides you through how to go about making them, even if you are a beginning beginner knitter!!!
Next perhaps I will learn to spin.
Maybe I should could even get some sheep? No?

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